Research expertise at UWM are closely compatible with the regional economic opportunities -- health care, biomedical engineering, advanced manufacturing and energy.

Health Care

Health Care Informatics

  • Health Sciences (medical searching)
  • Nursing (evidence-based nursing)
  • Engineering (computation)

Biomedical Engineering

Medical Imaging/Biomedical Imaging

  • Spectroscopy
  • Tools to study proteins and their interactions
  • Applied research in image reconstruction for MRI, CT and other modalities
  • Motion-tracking systems to improve quality in medical imaging
  • Image analysis and tracking tools to assist in stem cell research


  • Behavior with potential connections with proteomics.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Chemical synthesis
  • Synthesis of molecules that target CNS disorders
  • Addiction and other diseases
  • Environmental studies

Advanced Manufacturing & Energy

Sensors & Devices

  • Applications in water, energy, and advanced manufacturing
  • Connections with materials research
  • Applications for advanced nanomaterials as sensing platforms

Advanced Materials

  • Fundamental materials research in spintronics (next-generation computation devices)
  • Coatings
  • Nanomaterials
  • Applied research in castings
  • Materials for biomedical devices

Advanced Manufacturing & Computer Science